Tipografia Valdostana can boast a complete production cycle, starting with the technical consulting office and graphic design studio integrated into prepress and computer to plate.
The heart of our company is the offset printing department featuring a six-color printing press with in-line coating, in-line die cutting and Foilstar cold-foil system. To close the production cycle and provide the customer with a complete service, the finishing and packaging is also handled internally in a well-equipped binding department with plastic laminator, folding machines, die creasing and perforating machine, six station saddle stitcher, book sewing and binding line.

From the creation of the file to finished product

Tipografia Valdostana, not only printing...

The principle of optimizing time, resources and materials to always offer the best value for money drives the activity of the technical office.  >>

Tipografia Valdostana has a graphic design department specializing in the design and layout of books, catalogues, brochures, diarys, magazines, newsletters, pamphlets, posters, calendars, stickers and leaflets.  >>

Pre-press services play a key role in ensuring the quality of the entire work cycle by anticipating and solving any issues that may arise during printing.  >>

Tipografia Valdostana has always been attentive to the environment and the impact different stages of the production process may have on it.  >>

Tipografia Valdostana and its employees have an intimate knowlege of offset printing and of the press and its potential. Through continuous experimentation and innovation conventional limits are surpassed and the theoretically impossible is made possible.  >>

We have always believed innovation and creativity should be available to our customers. That's why we have become a reference point in foil application with cold foil printing technology, enabling us to give an unique print brightness to our products.  >>

Tipografia Valdostana, in keeping with its traditions and with its eye on the future, has expanded its production line by adding to its offset equipment a Heidelberg digital printing unit.  >>

To ensure the customer has a complete service, tailored to every detail and in keeping within time and budget, we have organized an internal binder department, furnished with equipment to meet the broader requirements of the commercial printing and luxury markets.  >>

Die cutting of adhesive papers takes place in-line in a single pass, guaranteeing absolute quality and register accuracy.  >>