Who we are

Founded in 1896, over the course of the last 120 years we have transformed millions of sheets into finished products, thus gaining an extraordinary experience that allows us today to successfully master the most modern, sophisticated printing and packaging technologies.

To this vast experience, we consistently add a few key ingredients to increase the value of the products we offer to our customers.

  • the passion in what we do, a crucial element at every stage of the work
  • attention to detail, care, and precision of execution, which are constant factors throughout the production process
  • mastery of technologies, which is indispensable in making the most of the potential of modern printing and packaging machines
  • experimentation, design and innovation are key elements offered to our customers, adding value to the finished product and making us stand out from (or above) our competitors
  • speed in responding to our customers, from quote to production, because time is one of the fundamental discriminators upon which our competitive advantage is based.

We are Tipografia Valdostana, not only printing...

Every day Tipografia Valdostana Prints, Designs, Experiments, Produces.

Tipografia Valdostana is a family business with an industrial structure, and for this reason it is people who give the business its added value. Professionalism and constant training are the principal assets in which we invest.  >>

Competence and experience are transformed into added value for the customer with the provision of a consulting service for each job  >>

The profound knowledge of processes, technologies and materials is the basis for making the best use of production machinery (sometimes even beyond the 'technically permissble'), and ensuring an excellent service for each customer.  >>

Innovative skills and a spirit of curiosity are the ingredients that enable us to be the benchmark for those customers seeking a partner who can experiment with new projects.  >>